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One village, one typical product

INCA BISCUITS «Quelitas»: Inca biscuits are one of the most famous and typical products of Mallorca. These biscuits are known by the name of «oil biscuits» too because oil is one of its ingredientes. This biscuits are the bread of Mallorca. Ideal for a snack, you can eat quelis with Sobrassada, chocolate or cheese (and all lunchmeat that you desire). You can visit QUELY, the most famous factory in Mallorca, and you will know the exciting story behind these biscuits.
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FET A SOLLER ICE CREAM Fet a Sóller is a comany that sells delicatessen productos: spices, wine, honey… Besides, they also make ice creams with incredible combinations. You have to visit Sóller and taste their amazing flavors!
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SOBRASSADA if you ever taste the sobrassada of Mallorca, this is your chance to do it. Sobrassada is one of the most typical products of Mallorca. It is prepared with pork and spices, is an exquisite delicacy. This product have protected geographical indication. In the village of Sineu you can go to Embotits Ferriol company, it is said that Emotits Ferriol sells one of the best sobrassadas of the island!
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COCA DE PATATA You must visit Valldemossa village and don’t forget to taste COCA DE PATATA, one of the most famous places to eat this typical coca is in Can Molinas. You must eat it with hot chocolate, or ice cream if you visit Valldemossa on summer! Is a true delight!
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CRESPELLS If you visit one of Valldemossa’s bakeries, you will find another typical sweet: Majorcan crespells. This is a typical biscuit of Ester in Mallorca so you can find it in other villages in the island. Is a really typical sweet pastries, people eat it at any time winter or summer. You must taste it!
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ENSAIMADA One of the most typical desserts of Mallorca! The first historical references are of the XVII century. There are ensaimadas plain with no filled and ensaimadas filled with «cabello de ángel», chocolate, cream… Sant Francesc bakery in Inca has become in a MUST-SEE to stop and take some typical dessert of Mallorca.
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