Castillo de Bellver

Castillo de Bellver

CASTILLO DE BELLVER, a visit you can not miss if you are coming to Mallorca.

If you want to know more about the history of the island you should visit the Castillo de Bellver. You can not miss this tour and enjoy its estructure and the amazing views of the island. Sea and mountain.
Castillo de Bellver is a gothic fortification. It is located about 3km far from the center of Palma and 112 meters above sea level, on the bay of Palma, surrounded by forest.


On top of the castle you can see the whole city and the port. You can contemplate amazing views of sea and mountain of the island.
Out of curiosity: Its name Bellver comes from Bell ver (Bella vista Beautiful views). Another peculiarity is that this castle is one of the few castles in all Europe that has circular plant.

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Castillo de Bellver was built in 1300 under the orders of Jaime II, who was King of Mallorca.
When the works of construction were completed, after 9 years of working, the castle Bellver was used as a royal residence and in 1717 it became a military prison, where many french soldiers and officers beaten in the battle of Bailen, were arrested. In 1817 general Lacy, the leader of a failed liberal revolution, was shot there.
Then, in 1821 the castle was converted into a coin factory.

In the twentieth century, the castle and its surroundings were ceded to the Palma city council and the space was allocated to a public museum.
After, during the civil war it regained its use of prison, enclosing up to 800 republican prisoners, who were used for the construction of the access road to the castle.

As you can see the Castillo de Bellver passed through many people and many states, until after the postwar period, the castel was converted into a cultural use. In 1947 the reforms began culminating in the inauguration in 1976 of the museum of history of the city of Palma.




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