Almond trees

Almond trees

Almond Trees

The spectacle of Mallorcan Almond Trees

If you are coming to Mallorca between the end of January and the middle of February, you will have the chance to enjoy an amazing natural phenomenon: the flowering of the blossom of almond trees.
The almond of Mallorca offers you and unique spectacle, turning the fields of the entire island into a mantle with different colors: white, pink and blue hades.


This phenomenon anticipates the arrival of spring

So, this is an spectacle that you can not miss if you are coming to Mallorca during these winter months. You must take you camera with you because this is and opportunity you can not miss!

If you want to enjoy the best of these natural show you can visit the Serra de Tramuntana or you can also enjoy this beautiful landscape of flowers in Sencelles, Inca, Lloseta or Selva.

The almond tree is one of the first trees to flower because of its quick response to the increase of temperatures.


The fruit of these trees is collected in canvases. The Mediterranean climate and the dry farming crop system gives the mallorcan almond its unique characteristics. Its sweet taste, a greater content of proteins make this a universally desired product, used in a great variety of foods. The almond is use in gastronomy to make food tasty and for popular recipes such Gato and almond ice cream. Also it is used for the emblematic fragrance «Flor d’Ametler.»


So if you are coming to Mallorca in winter you can also enjoy the paradise!
Mallorca has the island as much more to offer than sun and beach, the mountain is a good choice for the slightly cooler months. Enjoy the nature in different ways, watching amazing landscapes.

To end the day well, after a full day visiting almond trees and making all the posible photographs surrounded by nature, you can finish the day tasting the typical Gato mallorqui or an almond ice cream .
Enjoy Mallorca!


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